Sunday, July 31, 2011

Editorial by YouGotSqaured: Annaise, Gabriela and Siman. STUNNING

This is my preview of a wonderful photoshoot, 3 beautiful models posing for the lens of YouGotSquared....

We will soon show the rest of the shoot, for now, this is the sneak peek!

Monday, July 4, 2011

July 1st, Canada day

July 1, Canada day, is by far my favorite day to be in the city... everybody gets ready for a big celebration and everybody, regardless the race or nationality, gets together to celebrate.  On this day, we don’t have problems, we don’t have worries, we are just very happy.

The first time I spent Canada day in Ottawa was July 2002.  I heard everybody talking about it but I never thought how crazy this cite becomes. 

I went out that day, thinking, oh well, this will be just a huge concert by the hills and that’s it! no! I was happily surprised when I saw the streets full of people and only 2 colors, red and white, that is all I could see, from then on, I always look forward to celebrate on this day!

This was my fav street show!

Amazing attitude of this man, you can tell how proud he is of being Canadian

This guard impressed me the most. It was about 40 degrees and he was like nothing was happening. People coming and going taking picture with him... very impressed, great presence.


I loved this guys and how they were making sounds, cool sounds, great and creative way!

Ottawa during the day and at night, crazy! normally this place is not as busy... hmmm never busy.

Our BBQ waiting Go Eric go! I didn't eat much, I was having some vino!

This is the sky of the nation's capital on Canada day!

My favorites photos on Canada day.

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