Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday in fashion!

Happy Birthday 20YS.  Let's celebrate your birthday in fashion.

Pictures speak for themselves.  Marilou wearing an amazing design by Adrian Wu at Ottawa Fashion Week 2011.

A make up session, something ML loves!

We both got the exclusive of going behind the scene of OFW 2011 

She was also wearing beautiful accessories by FrAsh

Tweets and more tweets! she sent more tweets alone than 3 people together from Ottawa fashion Week

20YS was getting ready for the big show.... flashes... cameras... more lights and there she was getting the right make up for the dress and the big night to come.

.... And she was also working! interviews and photo shoots... 20YS is on fire!

This shoot dedicated to you! 

Happy Birthday ML.. I hope you have a great time in the Philippines!! we all miss you....

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

K GotSquared ©

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Stroked EGO fashion show organized  by BLACKBOOKlife and  I happened to run into  K.  A beautiful girl I wanted to photograph and there was my chance and I took it. Here are some shots of her...

K, please stop and look at the camera... She couldn't do it, she a bit hyper... but I got it! I got the shot...

Now, Let's have some more fun with K... let's bring a guy into the photo... Let's find him.  I tried but she found him before me... when I turned there she was dancing on top of the stage with the guy... I wanted the shot, I wanted to capture her having fun and I got the look in the eye... judge by yourself....

The fun didn't stop and I got one more... one more....

She has also a soft look... very soft... while the party was going on and all she wanted was to dance, I got this...  

This is not the only time I will photograph her, I will soon post more photos. I am looking forward to it, but next time, I hope she will not move as much.

Until my next post,


PS: You want to GetSquared?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's time for the guys! MALE EDITORIAL - the heat is up!

On Thursday March 31, 2011, I was invited by James Jefferson, owner & creative director
BLACKBOOK Lifestyle to the exclusive unveiling of the city's hottest designer men's swimwear. The evening was presented by Stroked EGO and Flamingo bar

James also gave me the chance to go behind the stage, where the models from Angie's model and Models International Management were getting ready, to take some shots of them before the show.  I was very excited about this event because I wanted to take some male editorial shoots and what a better opportunity than this. James, thanks again.

Here are the models.....
but now, some other shots 

I have some more but I will make a different post on the rest of the event.... this was great.  I hope you all like the shots! 

Monday, April 4, 2011

More editorial behind the stage of OFW - in B&W-sepia

20YS and I had the privilege of going behind the stage at OFW and the energy was amazing.
while everybody is waiting for the show to start, there is al whole different vibe going on behing the scene
all the models are getting ready, make up artists are making sure they look the best
Organizers are making sure all goes very smoothly, a few photographers are taking great shots of this great crazyness and designers are finalizing last minutes details for the show coming!
Everybody has a goal in mind, PERFECTION

Thank you for allowing us (20YS and I) to get the feeling and the energy of this side of OFW
I have so many photos that I have material to post for many many days, i will only post max 2 more, I promise!