Thursday, October 6, 2011

OttawaFashionWeek GotSquared

Very recently, Ottawa ranked number 8th on the list of the worst dressed cities in the world... This is not far from being true, but it is not a 100% true because whoever judges went to down town at lunch time in sunny summer day!...

Here are some photos of the fashion event of the year in the city... some beautiful people and great designers. This shows you that the Nation's Capital is moving towards being a fashion forward city!

These are some of my favorites moments from last weekend... Moments taken from front row, second row, third row or wherever I was or from wherever I was not kicked out (Don't ask why)

This is OFW through the lens of YouGotSquared...high contrast... high energy... high colour... this is YouGotSquared!

I hope you enjoy these still images as much as I do.