Friday, January 20, 2012

BEACHES.... When are you coming?

Do you think you have seen it all? It's time to see other destinations and explore more.

Stop vacationing and start traveling, it's the best way to learn about other cultures... Try it all, that's living life to the fullest...

These are the beaches of Santa Marta. When are you coming?


A friend told me a few months ago that I should blog about my trips and some adventures I like to take throughout my photography, less words and more art, more still images, more real!

I have come across with many many blogs and to be honest, they are way too long to read and the media is quick and short. We now cut words to write even faster so I think blogging should go towards that as well. Write and show interesting facts, issues and the most important thing when happening!

Right now, Im blogging all this from
my iPhone and from the comfort of my couch and from now on I will blog from it whenever I have idea, on the bus, a waiting area, airport, anywhere... Why not blogging live? That could be interesting! Take some photos and give an opinion or talk about something happening... Fast blogging! People will interact faster and will get the info right when it's happening.

My next blog will be about my latest trip... I will do it all from my iPhone i hope this works!

Until then!

J of YouGotSquared