Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A beautiful girl called, Erica...

Since I started this journey of photography, I always thought that photographing a child was very difficult. Then Erica came.  She is this little person, always laughing and so gracious that you just want to photograph over and over and again. she loves the camera! she is a natural gifted beautiful girl...

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When this little girl was born, she was about 5lbs, so small, I could hold her with one of my hands. 
I still have the photos to remember that day and to show it to her when she grows up.

Oh little Erica, little beautiful Erica, always posing for my camera.

This photos were taken in the middle of ML's shoot, for Twenty York Street.  While ML was changing outfits for another session, Erica was in full posing for me.

And now, my favorite of all...
Isn't she an angel?


  1. So adorable! I think she's a blogger in the making. Beautiful pictures :)

  2. Such beautiful photos for our little angel!

    She makes me so happy this cutie pie! You were able to capture her delicate feature and joyful nature!




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  3. So cute !!!!
    Got to love them to death at that age !

  4. Omg what a cutie, nearly died when i saw these cute photos. Preciosa

  5. How did I not comment on this? She is a total angel. Too Adorable!!!