Monday, February 14, 2011

Igloofest in the national capital region

Two weekends ago, I had the chance of going to the Igloofest.  This is the first time they leave Montreal. This idea of having a DJ performing in the middle of the winter, when is VERY cold, has been always amazing to me.


The National Capital Region, also referred to as Canada's Capital Region, is an official federal designation for the Canadian capital of OttawaOntario, the neighbouring city of GatineauQuebec, and surrounding urban and rural communities, has every year the winterlude.  This is a winter celebration! and Igloofest from Montreal came this year for the first time.

The night was amazing... everybody had a summer spirit in the middle of the winter.  The night was perfect, the temperature went up nicely.  My hands were very cold trying to take good photos. So imagine that... So I don't know if the weather was less cold or my hands were actually numbed. 

People were doing a lot of things, crazy stuff...This was like walking into a carnival, in the winter below zero.

I turned around and I see people gathering together looking at something.  Well, this captured my attention, so, I went to see it.  Surprise surprise! some guys were jumping out of inclined ramp... this was actually really cool, considering that I don't practice any winter sport.  It was perfect, snow, nice weather on top of that, I think they were promoting something, like winter sport clothes.

Everywhere I looked something was happening.  Like people posing for a camera, not mine unfortunately, on top of something with some fire coming out of pipes located on the ground souranding .  I thought this was cool, on top of that, some snow was falling... romantic? hmmm fun?? hmmm it all depends who you do it with, but i thing it could be fun and romantic and nice picture to keep and always remember! 
I didn't try this.  By thee I was very tired, cold and I had to walk back home, like 20 minutes. 

After, I went back to get some of that adrenaline coming from the warmest atmosphere, dance music, one of my favorites... shake a little to warm up, grab something to drink, coffee, and get ready for my walk home.
It was a fun night. that makes the winter look better and alive.  I can't believe I am putting these two words together... This is Canada!

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading......

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