Sunday, February 13, 2011

Santa Marta part 2

I have showed part of this beautiful city, now, in part 2, I would like to show the beaches... this is paradise!

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This is Taganga, a very small fishermen village in Santa Marta.  Just 20 minutes from the city. This spectacular place is full of life, perfect to get away from the noise and the pollution of the city. No big hotels in here, not 5 stars hotels... If you wish to stay, they rent rooms that are part of of houses or pesiones, that is how they call it.... That way, you get the chance, for at least your stay, to have a much simpler life. prices are also great.  Next time I go, I will stay for a couple of days. Just imagine waking up in a place like that... have nice black Colombia coffee and arepas con huevos, a very typical breakfast in Taganga. Don't forget to bring your pen and paper... you have to write down every moment you spend here. ah! don't forget your camera! well, at least I wont.  

From Taganga, just 15 minutes walk up and down the mountain, there is a beautiful beach called Playa blanca (White beach)

Here, I am at the highest point before arriving to playa Blanca.  It's a nice walk but you have to make sure to bring sun blocker, sun glasses and your camera ready to capture these amazing views....

These are the chairs we all use to seat, tan... read... How it works is that the folding chairs are usually in front of a restaurant, so you make a deal with the owner, chairs and lunch... a type of package deal.  So, folding chair that way can be cheaper to rent. It's about 1 CAN for your stay at playa Blanca.

In Playa Blanca, food is great.  You walk into any of these restaurants or Estaderos (A place where people stay if we translate to English.  Basically comes from the verb estar to be or to stay, I still don't know, Spanish grammar if not my thing) and the owner comes to you to offer you what they have for the day.  Usually fish is the best choice. So the owner will bring different kind of fish so you can pick which one you would prefer to have for lunch, then, they will make it however you like to eat it.... The prices are great considering the fish you are about to eat has been out the water not long. $20-30 CAN is usually the range... I think this is great! 

A view from the top.  This is playa Blanca

Getting there, we can witness some amazing views of the Caribbean ocean or mar caribe.
To get this image, I have to really find a nice spot. I almost felt down only because I wanted a piece of this mountain or Cliff  to give some more depth to the photo... I don't usually do that, but this time I wanted this piece of rock to be in my photo, to me, it would give a different touch... it's probably in my head.... but hey, I got what I picture in my head before taking this photo. 

Thanks for reading.... 


  1. Wow. Amazing. I just want to go there and spend time on the beach. The water is so blue. You don't see that in Canada.

    I'm glad you didn't fall!! Be more careful on mountain cliffs!

    Check it out My <3 Day idea... hope you join in!

  2. OMG so beautiful! Glad you're ok - don't risk it next time even thought the shot you got was so pretty!