Monday, January 17, 2011

Ça ne fait rien!

Life in North America is full of commodities that make us forget that a simple life is also great.

It amazes me how some people live their lives so simply and be at the same time so happy; I have to learn a lot.

With years, I have become a very structured person; my close friends know that. I get ready every night for the next morning, I plan all my activities ahead of time, I know from what time to what time I will be doing stuff. Is this simple? No! I am trying to live a more relaxed life, a more flexible life, I said, trying! Hard to do but I will try very hard.

Living more simply is great, and the day I will not need my mobile phone, my camera and my computer, I would say that I have started a new journey in my life, the journey of living more simply.

So, let’s try that!

Speaking of living more simply, here are some moments I have captured that make me think, “living more simply is not that hard”

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  1. VERY nice stuff!! keep up the great work.. love the photos of ML b+w!!!

    xoxo J

  2. Congratulations J! Well done! I'm sure you're familiar with my name thru ML :)
    I'm her follower so I should follow you too! Thank you for starting this blog, I'm getting passionate about photography lately, and visiting your blog regularly will definitely enrich my new found hobby! I love all your shots! They're beautiful in every way :)
    So,I'll shall see more of your work then...Goodluck!

  3. I bet "simple" life is pretty difficult for those people... but I know what you mean. I'm trying to get back to basics a bit myself this year. Great photography! : )

  4. Great photographs, they are full of beautiful colours & movement. I'm loving the 3rd one with the lady. ML sent me your way and I like your blog!