Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Wedding!

A Wedding is a big day for a couple, whether or not they will be married for life, it is a big day.

We have started the idea of capturing moments that we will treasure forever! A wedding is one of those big moments, right?

I will explaing what "we" means, Yes, I am not alone on this.

Giving more thought of what a treasured moment is, I came up with more than a wedding, but I also concluded that every individual has these moments and depending on many things in our lives we make it very special... for example, for us, Colombians, new year's eve is more important than Christmas eve is, hold up that face... it is still important, but more for children.  In North America it is a bigger deal and new year's eve it is party time, for us it is party time but we stay home we our loved ones, which one is better? none! they are different...

All this to mention that we make any moment special and there are not better moments than others, they are our moments!

We shot an Idian Wedding as a beginning of what I believe will be great!
Now, we, why we?? I am not alone on this, I share this passion with a very talented person, JM who with me, wants to make these special moments stay forever. Myself in the form of a photograph, JM in the form of a video.

This is our passion... this is our dream... this is YouGotSquared!

I hope you enjoy the photos. Enjoy the moment I have captured.


  1. really lovely photos, the one of the wedding rings on the box has got to be my favorite!

    Girl Meets Handbag

  2. Beautiful photographs. I like the one that is of the groom in the mirror. Is it photoshop'ed or a special filter?

  3. Hi Ashelle, it is a little bit of both.

  4. Beautiful colours, it's vibrant, so real and so vivid!

    You captured each detail so well! You are such a pro!

    Stay Happy and Positive!