Monday, April 4, 2011

More editorial behind the stage of OFW - in B&W-sepia

20YS and I had the privilege of going behind the stage at OFW and the energy was amazing.
while everybody is waiting for the show to start, there is al whole different vibe going on behing the scene
all the models are getting ready, make up artists are making sure they look the best
Organizers are making sure all goes very smoothly, a few photographers are taking great shots of this great crazyness and designers are finalizing last minutes details for the show coming!
Everybody has a goal in mind, PERFECTION

Thank you for allowing us (20YS and I) to get the feeling and the energy of this side of OFW
I have so many photos that I have material to post for many many days, i will only post max 2 more, I promise!


  1. omg love that shot of Bianca, love these beautiful pics!!!

  2. Wow, these are such stunning photos. Amazing!