Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's time for the guys! MALE EDITORIAL - the heat is up!

On Thursday March 31, 2011, I was invited by James Jefferson, owner & creative director
BLACKBOOK Lifestyle to the exclusive unveiling of the city's hottest designer men's swimwear. The evening was presented by Stroked EGO and Flamingo bar

James also gave me the chance to go behind the stage, where the models from Angie's model and Models International Management were getting ready, to take some shots of them before the show.  I was very excited about this event because I wanted to take some male editorial shoots and what a better opportunity than this. James, thanks again.

Here are the models.....
but now, some other shots 

I have some more but I will make a different post on the rest of the event.... this was great.  I hope you all like the shots! 


  1. Great shots, Thanks for the eye candy!!!! OMG

  2. Beautiful photos! Wow, you were totally at home at that event!


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    Twenty York Street

  3. I like these photos the best from all the ones I've seen on this event. Great choice on the black and white!