Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday in fashion!

Happy Birthday 20YS.  Let's celebrate your birthday in fashion.

Pictures speak for themselves.  Marilou wearing an amazing design by Adrian Wu at Ottawa Fashion Week 2011.

A make up session, something ML loves!

We both got the exclusive of going behind the scene of OFW 2011 

She was also wearing beautiful accessories by FrAsh

Tweets and more tweets! she sent more tweets alone than 3 people together from Ottawa fashion Week

20YS was getting ready for the big show.... flashes... cameras... more lights and there she was getting the right make up for the dress and the big night to come.

.... And she was also working! interviews and photo shoots... 20YS is on fire!

This shoot dedicated to you! 

Happy Birthday ML.. I hope you have a great time in the Philippines!! we all miss you....

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  1. Awe, the birthday girl is so pretty. Love these photos. So soft and I feel like I was backstage with you two :)